"In the name of the Moon, I’ll punish you!"

11x17 print I had for Anime Revolution!

Zankyou no Terror print for AR!

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SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG!!! more than a month after ax ended i’m finally opening my store to sell leftover prints and stickers ;_; everything is on sale!!!!!


to celebrate this super long overdue opening of my store im going to have a giveaway!!! and there will be three winners!! :-0 

the first winner will get:

  • 1 8x10 print
  • 2 sticker sets

the second winner will get:

  • either 1 8x10 print or 2 sticker sets

and the third winner will get 1 sticker set!!


  • likes and reblogs both count!
  • multiple reblogs are ok too..to an extent
  • you don’t have to be following me but it would be appreciated
  • giveaway will end AUGUST 31st! at 12pm PST
  • i will ship internationally!


New Yowamushi Pedal acrylic charms are up at my store!

Signal boosts are appreciated, thanks for your support <3

Preorders for soot sprite zipper bags and zelda bags are now available until August 14th. These are perfect for holding your 3DS, makeup, phone, pencils and more! Get them at my store here~

Thanks for your support, reblogs and purchases are appreciated!

More ywpd_69min

I’m sorry *hides face*

hanger-kun and pudding hair from twitter

Due to popular request, I’ve added Sugawara to my Haikyuu charms set! Preorders will be reopened for a short while at my store!

To everyone that preordered for the first round, the charms have been ordered and hopefully will shipped out in a couple weeks, thank you for your patience!

Signal boosts are appreciated~

Hi everyone! Now that I’ve had a day to rest from minicomi I’ve put my buttons up on my store!

They are $1.50 each, if you are looking to buy multiple I have a 4 for $5 deal here

Thanks again for your support, reblogs are always appreciated!