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I’m sorry *hides face*

hanger-kun and pudding hair from twitter

Due to popular request, I’ve added Sugawara to my Haikyuu charms set! Preorders will be reopened for a short while at my store!

To everyone that preordered for the first round, the charms have been ordered and hopefully will shipped out in a couple weeks, thank you for your patience!

Signal boosts are appreciated~

Hi everyone! Now that I’ve had a day to rest from minicomi I’ve put my buttons up on my store!

They are $1.50 each, if you are looking to buy multiple I have a 4 for $5 deal here

Thanks again for your support, reblogs are always appreciated!

Hey guys, tomorrow I will be at Minicomi in Vancouver, BC with my friend minimelon!

Admission is FREE, so come by and say hi, we will be at table S2, right next to AniRevo’s table!

11x17 Haikyuu print!

reposting because I gave asahi a face lift

fixed up my Hinata print ^^

Haikyuu!! acrylic charms are up for preorder @ my shop!

I know I said I wasn’t gonna make more charms but I couldn’t help myself after watching volleyball

Preorders will be closed July 27th!

Pastel grunge Onoda for twitter prompt!